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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Life and Dept

According to this film, I think it does show a form of colonism because Jamaican labor workers were not happy with what they were getting back from US and other countries. They thought they were working too much and too hard while the other countries were making so much more than the actuall producers. This can be compared to other forms of colonism we seen in the cluster, such as, the china labor workers and how they only got 10cents an hour to work long hours making Mardi Gras beads. In both films we see the countires with greater power can take over the poorer countries and make greater profit by barely paying them anything at all. I don't understand why the money can shared somewhat decently so that everyone involved can at least have a normal way of living....


  1. i can help u understand in 3 words....PEOPLE ARE GREEDY...but u do have a kind soft heart

  2. It's true that financial self-interest can be powerful. Part of free market ideology is based on the idea that the best thing to do is use people selfishness to help create productivity. But we've seen and will see people motivated by other things as well - think about how these examples complicate the picture.