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Thursday, October 22, 2009

1st Essay

My 1st essay sucked! I really need more practice in this subject particularly because History does not interest me at all. I am a pretty good writer when it comes to writting books and such, but this not so much..


  1. me too! lol history is so boring! i was supposed to have the philosophy cluster but i was cancelled out of it and had no choice but to pick this stupid cluster lol like it's in the past.. we need to move on and live in the present!

  2. Ok - but keep in mind that we're talking about current events like the war in Iraq, and contemporary events like globalization in Prof. Martinez's class as well as history. The patterns from the past help us understand why things are as they are. In any case, there's enough of a range of topics that you can try to find a way in to make it of interest to you, which will help as you develop your writing skills as well,

  3. Also, I know it can be frustrating but keep in mind the we're working on revisions and the first round was just that for everyone. Instead of thinking in terms of 'good' and 'bad,' try to notice where your strengths and weaknesses are and build on that.